Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just Imagine Photography, a mom with a blog.

My photography career began out a love for the arts...specifically painting.  Unfortunately with five kids (and one on the way) painting is a messy and time consuming (but mostly messy) hobby I have little room for.  Photography lets me get to have the creativity I love while simultaneously gathering amazing memories that my family will enjoy forever. 
I have a vision,  that some day in the future I will have a collection of amazing photos that I can put together in a really cool photo album that will be more than just a dusty album on a shelf.   But how do you get those kind of pictures?  A majority of you probably hate even the thought of family pictures.  From the outfits to the usually equal stress for mom. 
What if it doesn't have to be that way at all?  You don't have to have a perfectly posed picture with everyone in matching attire to make an amazing picture.  You don't have to have thousands of dollars in photography equipment either.  Sometimes, all you need is the right attitude about what you are trying to accomplish (and a camera of some sort of course).
My guess is that what you want is memories that show your kiddos and the happy times they had growing up.  So instead of trying to make them smile for the camera or say cheese or pose in some manner they find forced...photograph them doing the things they like to do.
This picture for example was taken on mothers day weekend...they were muddy and half soaked in the river but they were having fun.  It's not perfect...but when I asked them to blow me a kiss they were more than happy because they were having fun, and I love it.   These are my favorite kinds of pictures I have of my kids...more than any "perfect" picture in a studio.