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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Great DIY backdrops

Check this out for some great ideas for DIY backdrops...simple and favorite combination.

Fall Fun

Fall sports have begun and with it brings crazy weeks of practice, games (2 soccer and one football) and a lot of driving.  And of course the best part.... Tons a great photo ops.  Bring on the crazy....

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm a Photographer?

  I'm a Photographer?

family photography yakima
Why the question mark....Well lets just say I like to call myself an artist.  I am an art major (at 32 years old) after all.  I have loved art as long as I can remember.  Photography is relatively new to me and the longer I do it the more I realize I differ somewhat from other "photographers".  I have made note on several occasions of photographers tendency to critique others work on a technical level. And, although I understand there is a lot to master, as an artist I am drawn to images that I like. I don't zoom in 400 times so I can see that they got one freckle out of focus because clearly they were not using the correct lens for said photo.  I read one photographers claim that one should beware of photos that have been adjusted to different colors or black and white as this is a sign of trying to mask technical flaws.  Maybe that is true...but, maybe just maybe, I like black and white and filters and I turned the clarity down during processing on purpose because I personally like the soft look in some cases (so shoot me if I don't hold the same value to a perfectly crisp shot of the eyes at f/11 and "ruin" it by blurring it a little). Is it important for your photos to be great?  Of course it is.  But, who decides what is great?  Master photographers? I suppose so, but I am not really good at following rules as it applies to photography.  I'll use whatever lens I want and hey....maybe I wanted a freckle out of what.  If there were an "artographer' I would be that instead.  A photographer who does not follow the rules, and is all the better for it.  How many "perfectly" shot landscapes do we need to see anyway?  What if, I say forget your rule book...I will do as I please.  No one ever did anything great following the crowd.